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Dry Cleaning

Your clothing is a reflection of your style and
personality. When you look great it’s hard not
to feel confident.

A fresh wrinkle free blazer with a rolled lapel
will say everything about your attention to detail –
the small things you consider when making lasting impressions.

If you dont have time for those nagging worries
every time you need to suit up and seize the day,
Spotless does and we’d be happy to help!

Leather & Suede

Leathers were designed to last for years,
and when they age they develop character.

But without proper maintenance, your
animal hides can easily lose its charm
and begin to look unwearable.

Spotless Dry Cleaners is partnered with one of
Ontarios most reputable Leather Cleaner and
has continued to provide this premium service
to their customers for over 15 years.

Wash & Fold

Many of us just don’t have the time to get to that never ending pile of laundry. From socks and underwear to large and bulky house hold items such as comforters and duvets, stop by our Laundry Clinic location at 1900 Walkers Ln in Burlington with your washables and Spotless will be ready to lighten your load!


We are pleased to offer alteration and repair
services in each one of our locations.
From minor repairs to custom tailoring, Spotless will
always have your clothes looking like they were
made just for you!


Is your washer at home large enough to fit a
Queen Size comforter? Probably not.

Our commercially sized front loading washers
and dryers can clean even the fluffiest of
oversized king comforters. We’ve also have
had customers bring us their drapery, pillows,
camping gear and have them coming out perfect
every time.

Not sure how to clean some of those items
around the house? Stop by for a quote and we
would be excited to take a swing at any
curve ball you throw at us.

Boots & Shoes Restored

Spotless Dry Cleaners now offers a specialized
cleaning process for Uggs boots, purses,
running shoes and more!

Drop by one of our locations today and
find out how we can keep your footwear
looking shoe box fresh.

Wedding Gowns

Each gown is individually cleaned on a gentle
cycle in our state of the art dry cleaning machine.
All stains are hand treated with the utmost care.

Once your wedding gown is cleaned and steamed
to perfection, you may choose to have it placed
in an acid free wedding box to hold on to for a

The bodice of the wedding gown is stuffed with a
cardboard bodice to allow the gown to maintain
its shape.The sleeves are stuffed with acid free
paper to keep your gown preserved for years to come.


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